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​​Construction & Design Professionals

The department’s Capital Programs (formally Public Works) bureaus coordinate and oversee the design and construction of all non-highway capital construction projects for the Commonwealth. The scope of responsibilities includes new construction and all types of alterations and renovations to existing commonwealth properties and capital improvement projects for all state agencies. Projects range from dams and sewage treatment plants to buildings such as prisons, offices, and laboratories. 

The Department also administers the selection of architects and engineers, advertises projects for bid, obtains construction bids, executes construction contracts, and manages budgets for construction projects. The Capital Programs (formerly Public Works) bureaus maximize efficiency and monitor performance through a series of criteria focused on reducing change order rates, increasing the number of construction projects completed on time and on budget and reducing the number of claims filed against the Commonwealth.

Request For Proposal Determinations

​​373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 1
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 2
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 3
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 4
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 5
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 6
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 7
373-09.4 P1 ADDENDUM No 8 
373-09.4 P1 Notice of Selection
​​373-09.4 P1 Technical Submission
373-09.4 P1 Cost Submittal
373-09.4 P1 SDB Submittal
373-09.4 P1 VBE Submittal
                   1576-10 P1 Addendum 01. 
                   1576-10 P1 Addendum 02.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 03.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 04.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 05.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 06
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 07.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 08.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 09.
             1576-10 P1 Addendum 10.
             1576-10.4 P1 Cost Submittal.
             1576-10.4 P1 SDB Submittals.
             1576-10.4 P1 VBE Submittals.
             1576-10.4 P1 Scoring Summary.

                  948-100.1 P1 Addendum 01
            948-100.1 P1 Addendum 02
            948-100.1 P1 Addendum 03
            948-100.1 P1 Addendum 04
            948-100.1 P1 Cost Submittal
            948-100.1 P1 SDB Submittal
            948-100.1 P1 VBE Submittal
            948-100.1 P1 Scoring Summary

                  372-05.4 P1 Addendum 1
            372-05.4 P1 Addendum 2
            372-05.4 P1 Addendum 3
            372-05 P1 SDB Submittal.pdf
            372-05 P1 VBE Submittal.pdf

             404-34 P1 Addendum 1
             404-34 P1 Addendum 2
             404-34 P1 Notice of Selections   
             404-34 P1 Cost Submittal 
             404-34 P1 SDB Submittal 
             404-34 P1 VBE Submittal
             404-34 P1 Scoring Summary

Statewide Commissioning Score Summary

211-05 P5 PA State Police Academy.pdf

              211-0005-005 Technical Submittal.pdf

197-62-001 - Michaux State Park.pdf

              197-0062 P1 Technical Submittal.pdf

503-26 P1 North Central STU - HVAC Upgrades

              503-26 P1 Technical Technical Submittal.pdf

961-36 P1 Plymouth Meeting-Horsham Readiness Center

              961-36 Ph 1 Technical Submittal.pdf    

1580-04 P1 Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp

             1580-04 P1 Technical Submittal

304-15 P2 Elizabethtown Training Academy

            304-15 P2 Technical Submittal

960-87 P1 Delaware Valley Veteran's Home

             960-87 P1 Technical Submittal

408-67 P1 Kutztown University

              408-67 P1 Technical Submittal

948-98 P1 Capitol Complex

               948-98 P1 Technical Submittal

963-64 P1 Hiller Readiness Center

                963-64 P1 Technical Submittal

Statewide Collaborative Cost Estimating Services

DGS C-0573-0031 P2 SCI Camp Hill Score Summary

Awarded Proposal SWCE C-0573-0031 P2

DGS C-0411-0068 P1 Millersville University Score Summary

Awarded Proposal SWCE C-0411-0068 P1

​Statewide Small Business Reserve Construction Management Services

DGS 2024 - SWSBRCM - Statewide Small Business Reserve Construction Mgt Services​

Logistics and Facilities Optimization Consultant

DGS C-0015-P001 (DGS Warehouse)

Best Value Determination Memos

372-05 Ph 1 SCI Greene - Renovate Switchgear & Generators

373-9 Ph 1 SCI Mahanoy - Repairs/Renovations to Switchgear & Generators

1576-10 Ph 1 SCI Frackville - Electrical Upgrades

Strategic Facility Planning Consulting

Emergency Declaration for Construction

Sole Source Fact Sheets and Checklists for Design and Construction

Additional Resources

The links below will provide additional information and resources helpful to Construction Contractors and Design Professionals.