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Steel Products   Procurement Act

Under the Steel Products Procurement Act as amended, DGS, through its Capital Programs deputate, must review all department-approved requests for exempt machinery and equipment steel products from the previous calendar year. In doing so, the department creates a public listing of these exemptions for public comment. At the conclusion of the public comment period, the department finalizes the list of exempt machinery and equipment steel products for that calendar year.  During that calendar year, contracting public bodies and their contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers can rely upon this list in complying with the Act. 

Pursuant to the Amendment and DGS’ Statement of Policy, DGS will not consider any changes to the Exemption List for Steel Products 2024​ of Steel Products during the calendar year for which it was created.  At the beginning of each calendar year, DGS will update the previous Final List to add steel products waived on ST-4 forms approved by DGS during the preceding calendar year. The new proposed list will be published in Pennsylvania Bulletin for a thirty-day (30) public comment period. 

In accordance with DGS' Statement of Policy, for a steel product to be considered for removal from the proposed list of exempt machinery and equipment, the Steel Origin Certification Form must be executed by the Fabricator/Manufacturer of the steel product and submitted to the Deputy Secretary for Capital Programs at  After the comment period expires, DGS will revise the proposed list as needed and publish the Final List. 

The Department has compiled Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have specific questions not captured in the document linked below, they should be addressed to the public agency issuing the contracts or administering the project.  DGS respectfully declines to render interpretations or opinions unless the question relates to a specific DGS project.