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Office of Enterprise Wireless Management

Leveraging Infrastructure in Support of Connectivity

The Department of General Services Office of Enterprise Wireless Management (OEWM) oversees the commonwealth's efforts to monetize excess and underutilized capacity on commonwealth-owned wireless assets in support of the development, improvement, and expansion of digital telecommunications in Pennsylvania.

Through our program manager, Agile Network Builders, LLC, communications providers looking to expand their coverage through the buildout of 4G & 5G networks, DAS and other existing and emerging technologies may propose to co-locate on Commonwealth towers, buildings, and property (including rights-of-way) at fair-market rates.

We're your one-stop-shop for co-location! We work across state agencies to manage a coordinated portfolio of digital infrastructure resources.

We also provide policy recommendations & guidance to government leaders and key stakeholders to foster digital infrastructure expansion, adoption, and use.