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State Surplus Property Program
The DGS State Surplus Property Program offers state-owned office furniture, equipment, and supplies for sale to the general public through our distribution center in Harrisburg, special sales held periodically throughout the state or online auctions.  We also offer private online sales for municipalities to purchase heavy equipment and manage the Commonwealth's recycling program. 

Federal Surplus Property Program
The Federal Surplus Property Program offers a variety of property to municipalities, school districts, fire and police departments, and certain non-profit organizations.  Property is donated to eligible entities directly from the federal government for a small service charge.  If the property is not on-hand, the Federal Surplus Property Program staff will try to locate equipment.

Federal Fixed Price Vehicle Program
The Federal Fixed Price Vehicle Program offers low-mileage, late-model General Services Administration fleet vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, alternative fuel vehicles, dump trucks, ambulances and fire trucks for resale to eligible entities.

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Law Enforcement 1033 Excess Property Program
The 1033 Excess Property Program offers law enforcement equipment directly from the Department of Defense.  Equipment available includes body armor, vehicles, computers, weapons, boats, aircraft, night vision equipment and much more.  Eligible law enforcement agencies can purchase this previously used equipment at a lower cost. Participants pay an annual fee or incur a minimal service charge to cover the costs of administering the program.

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Law Enforcement 1122 New Property Program
The 1122 New Property Program allows eligible entities to leverage federal government contract pricing to acquire new equipment and supplies.  Available to counterdrug, emergency response and homeland security law enforcement agencies, this federal cooperative purchasing program provides access to contracts for police and security devices, computers pursuit vehicles, command centers, communications gear, back-up generators, uniforms and much more.

Through the 1122 New Property Program, eligible entities are able to take advantage of the discounted pricing that the federal government receives because of their purchasing power. Federal contracts can be used as a tool of comparison, with the prices serving as a benchmark for comparison with independent bids or negotiating. Federal contracts can save you time and money since they have already been through the bid process. 

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TSA Surplus Property Program
The TSA Surplus Property Program makes available property voluntarily abandoned by passengers such as pocket knives, corkscrews, sports items, and tools, as well as lost and found a property such as glasses, clothing, canes, etc.  These items are available for sale online at Opens In A New WindowOpens In A New Window

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