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Vehicle Management

Our Mission: 

To provide professional, reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions to all Commonwealth agencies. 

James Fiore                                                                                     Randall Tomlinson Director                                                                                            Assistant Director


The Bureau of Vehicle Management (BVM) manages the Commonwealth's Agencies vehicle fleet.  BVM does not manage private citizens vehicles.  If you need assistance for your personal vehicle, please refer to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The Bureau is responsible for managing all contracts pertaining to the operation, repair, and maintenance of Commonwealth vehicles. BVM also conducts public auctions for surplus vehicles.   

The Bureau of Vehicle Management takes the proper operation of the Commonwealth vehicle fleet seriously. If you see the misuse of a state vehicle, please report it for investigation.

NOTE:  The Department of General Services only handles complaints concerning Commonwealth "Official Use" plated state vehicles – with the exception of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  We do not have jurisdiction over private citizens or their driving investigation.

For Auto Auction information or providers wanting to participate in the Commonwealth's Automotive Services program, please click on the blue box  "Information for the Public".

If you are a Commonwealth Agency looking for BVM resources such as emails, telephone numbers, forms, policies or procedures, please click on the blue box "Information for Commonwealth Agencies". 

To help prevent the spread of COVID 19, BVM has provided a link below "Cleaning of State Vehicles", outlining how each state vehicle will be cleaned.  Please make sure your agency follows these guidelines. 

Cleaning of State Vehicles