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The Department of General Services, Security Administration Office is responsible for issuing and monitoring the use of photo identification badges and photo identification access badges for state employees and contractors in the Capitol Complex, the surrounding Harrisburg area, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading and Scranton. Lobbyists and credentialed members of the press are also required complete applications for a photo Identification badge or photo identification access badge.

Policies and procedures for obtaining and using badges can be found in Management Directive 625.10 Amended – Card Reader and Emergency Response Access to Certain Capitol Complex Buildings and Other State Office Buildings.

Any Commonwealth employee who needs to replace their photo identification badge or photo identification access badge must contact the Security Administration Office. There is a $15.00 charge for each replacement photo identification badge and a $25.00 charge for each replacement photo identification access badge.


Completed, signed applications along with the additional required documentation and application fees should be submitted to:

Department of General Services
Security Administration Office
401 North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17125
Phone: (717) 346-1402