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State Surplus Property Program

When a state agency has an item it no longer requires, that item is first offered to other state agencies. By transferring property from one agency to another, the Commonwealth is able to save taxpayer dollars through the reuse of valuable property. When an item is no longer required by any state agency, it is declared surplus and offered for sale in a variety of venues. 

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Distrbution Center

​To make the sales process more convenient and accessible for additional customers, the Pennsylvania Department of General Services will move the sale of all state surplus property exclusively to an online auction format.

Online Auctions

​All items are sold at various locations throughout the state or through an online auction. Online auctions are managed by and (These links direct you to Pennsylvania's auction items).

Bridge Marketing

​When a Pennsylvania historical bridge is scheduled for replacement due to width or load restrictions, the Commonwealth seeks to identify adaptive re-uses for the bridge. Bridges may be offered for sale to other state agencies, municipalities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and/or the general public. In the past, historic bridges have been moved and restored as part of state park improvements, Rails to Trails projects, or placed on university campuses.

Heavy Equipment Auctions

Used heavy equipment, off-road equipment, and dump trucks are offered for sale when they are no longer being used by the Commonwealth. These items are first offered to municipalities, then to the general public. View heavy equipment sale dates.  Also, we are holding a special Late Model Tandem Dump Truck Sale. Please click the link to view the dates and information.

Heavy Equipment Auction Websites:

Commonwealth Employee Info on State Surplus Property

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Purchasing State Surplus Property
When state surplus property is made available for sale to the public through auction, the internet or Department of General Services’ warehouse, the following prohibitions and limitations apply:
  • Employees of the Department of General Services’ Bureau of Supplies and Surplus may not purchase the property.
  • Property Control Officer(s) and their supervisor(s) of the Commonwealth agency which declares the property “surplus” may not purchase the property.
  • State employees may not purchase any item with a price greater than $500.
  • State employees are also subject to any specific guidelines of their respective agencies in regard to purchases of items with a price of $500 or less.
  • Employees should check agency policy on purchasing of state property to identify any additional restriction.
Vehicle Auctions Open to the Public

Commonwealth vehicle sales are handled through the Bureau of Vehicle Management.

State Surplus Property Alerts + Updates

We send out periodic updates on items that have been recently surplused by other agencies. If you would like to subscribe to the email distribution to receive notices, please click here and fill out the form.

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