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Commonwealth Media Services

Commonwealth Media Services (CMS) is a full-service multimedia and marketing provider for Commonwealth agencies. We transform ideas into creative, compelling content for use on agency websites, social media, and broadcast news outlets. We can also help you maximize your outreach efforts through marketing and advertising campaigns.

Call us at (717) 787-9766 to discuss your needs or use our Media and Marketing Services Request Form.

*CMS is only available for use by Commonwealth agencies. 

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Video Production

Whether it’s a video for your website, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, let CMS create and enhance your agency’s vision.  We’ll work with you to develop a production treatment plan that meets your needs.  From storyboarding and scripting, to animation and narration, we can help you visually communicate simplistic to even the most complex concepts.  In a nutshell, we are digital storytellers.

Broadcast and Event Services

​CMS has your events covered!  With video, audio and photo services, CMS can record and edit public events and news conferences for distribution via satellite and the Pennsylvania Internet News Service (PINS).  We facilitate the technical audio-visual setup for governor and agency events, provide a full range of video, audio and photo services, media training, events management, and media program distribution.  CMS also maintains the Capitol Media Center for use by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.


​Our CMS photographers understand that a picture is worth a thousand words.   We believe our photos have the ability to bring your message to life.  We understand a photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas, and messages – all of which are important elements of storytelling for your event and even in a portrait.  Let us help you tell your agency story.

Marketing & Advertising Support
CMS is your one-stop shop for marketing and advertising efforts.  We can help you leverage your marketing and grant dollars to maximize your campaign’s reach.  By combining strategy with dynamic content, we’ll help your campaigns hit the mark!

Call us at (717) 787-9766 to discuss your needs or use our Media and Marketing Services Request Form.

Opportunities for Freelancers for Media Production Services
Commonwealth Media Services is looking for freelancers to support its award-winning broadcast and multi-media production operations that serve Pennsylvania state government agencies.

Positions needed to include audio and video editors and engineers, digital and video photographers, multi-media graphic designers, producers, writers, talent providers, hair stylists, and makeup artists.  

Freelancers must qualify under the Freelance Services Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) Contract 4400016417. Instructions and information about qualifying is available through the Supplier Services Center. You’ll find the Freelance Services Statement of Work, links to the ITQ website and other important information.

All potential suppliers must register for a vendor number through the PA Supplier Portal.  

For questions about CMS, contact Suzanne Rigby, Director. For questions about the contract or registration process, contact Sonya Schurtz, Commodity Specialist, at or call 717-783-0761.