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Facilities & Space Management

The Department of General Services has broad oversight for the maintenance and upkeep of state-owned facilities, leasing of additional office space and parking, as needed, and the assignment of office space at owned and leased facilities. In addition, the Department maintains an inventory of all state-owned land and buildings.

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DGS-Managed Facilities

​The Bureaus of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management are responsible for the general upkeep, maintenance, landscaping and special events in and around buildings managed by the Department of General Services within the City of Harrisburg and in the Scranton and Reading State Office Buildings.  

Office Leases

The Bureau of Real Estate manages the process through which state agencies lease additional office space, Pennsylvania liquor stores and warehousing.  All leasing requests and lease actions are reviewed for cost-saving opportunities, such as the colocation and consolidation of staff to reduce the total amount of space the Commonwealth rents and reduce the overall administrative work related to managing leases.  


DGS manages parking in and around the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg and at the Reading and Scranton State Office Buildings.  The Department is also responsible for reviewing and approving all requests for additional leased parking.  

Design Requests

​The Bureau of Real Estate, Division of Real Estate Services (DORES) is responsible for creating and maintaining floor plans for DGS-managed facilities.  Agencies wishing to relocate, remove or install windows, doors, walls (including workstation furniture over 69 inches in height) in DGS-managed buildings must submit a GSRE-67 (BRE Project Request Form). DORES staff will review the request for compliance with building codes and space standards.  A team member from Real Estate Services will then be in touch to schedule an initial consultation for your request.

Land and Building Inventory

The Bureau of Real Estate maintains the Commonwealth-Owned Land & Building Inventory which is a comprehensive listing of all Commonwealth-owned land and facilities, excluding highways and highway right-of-ways. The inventory is updated weekly. 

Space Management

The Bureau of Real Estate establishes space usage standards and approves the allocation of space to departments, boards and commissions in state-owned and leased facilities.  Agencies requesting additional space should complete a GSRE-67 (BRE Project Request Form) and submit it to the Bureau of Real Estate at