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DGS manages parking in and around the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg and at the Reading and Scranton State Office Buildings. The Department is also responsible for reviewing and approving all requests for leased parking. 

Assignment of Parking by Parking Officers

Each agency has a Parking Officer who manages parking assignments for the agency. Employees should contact their agency Parking Officer for parking questions and requests. Parking Officers are required to advise their agency’s employees of their parking policies. Parking Officers shall ensure that no employee has the use of more than one (1) parking space on Commonwealth parking facilities. Employees may only have one (1) permit for their assigned parking space.

Parking Rules and Enforcement in Commonwealth-Owned Garages, Lots and On-Street Spaces

All parking in the various Commonwealth-owned garages, lots and on-street spaces in and around the Capitol Complex is by permit assignment only. Parking areas are clearly posted and spaces numbered.  Unless otherwise specified, a parking assignment is for a specific stall only.  Employees are responsible for ensuring that parking permits are clearly displayed in a visible position on their vehicles.  Capitol Police Officers are not required to search for the permit.  Parking permits shall be replaced when they are no longer legible or damaged.  There is no charge for replacements.
Employees are to report unauthorized parking to their Parking Officer, who will in turn report it to the Capitol Police.  Unauthorized fabrication or duplication of official parking permits is unlawful and offenders shall be cited and are personally responsible for payment of the fines.  Parking is enforceable by Capitol Police during the entire work day.  The practice of relocating vehicles after 3:00 p.m. is not permitted; offenders will be ticketed.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets may be paid by cash, check or money order, in person or by mail.   Checks and money orders should be made payable to “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”.  Failure to pay parking tickets may result in the ticket being reported to the District Magistrate.
Bureau of Police and Safety Ticket Office
70E East Wing
Harrisburg, PA 17125    

Leasing Additional Parking

Agencies are required to obtain prior written approval before entering into new, or changing existing Vehicle Parking License Agreements as outlined in outlined in Management Directive 615.15.   The Department reviews the requests for appropriateness and availability of existing owned or leased parking.  When possible, DGS will attempt to negotiate for below-market rates on behalf of multiple agencies when there are sufficient spaces for volume discounts.  Parking requests and questions should be directed to