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Visit The Capitol Complex

The Capitol Police conduct security screening at designated visitor entrances.  All visitors must go through one of the visitor or ADA accessible entrances to gain access.

625.10 Amended - Card Reader and Emergency Response Access to Certain Capitol Complex Buildings and Other State Office Buildings outlines the security measures in place around the Capitol Complex 

Security Screening Advisories  

We want to make your visit to our state capitol as pleasant as possible.  However, please be aware that not all areas of the Capitol Complex are public areas and may have limited access. In addition, please be aware of the following: 

  • No weapons, firearms, explosives, knives, mace, pepper spray or hazardous materials are allowed in the Capitol Complex buildings or surrounding grounds.
  • If you have a Commonwealth-issued photo identification or photo identification access badge, you will be required to present badges at the time of security screening. All persons without a badge will be required to pass through metal detectors.
  • All persons with pacemakers, defibrillators or other medical devices should notify the officer at the visitor entrance.  Searches will be conducted with a hand-held metal detector.
  • All bags and packages will be x-rayed and are subject to hand-inspection.
  • Personal items may be hand-inspected.
  • Security screening may require whole-body pat-down.
  • Persons in wheelchairs or with a guide dog will be searched with a hand-held metal detector.
  • Persons have the right to refuse any or all of these security screening procedures, however, entry to the Capitol Complex will be denied. 
  • Items may not be delivered or left behind.
  • Visitors with firearms must check them in at the entrance and will be required to complete the Firearms Acknowledgement Receipt Form

Touring the Pennsylvania State Capitol 

Tours of the Capitol are conducted daily.  Additional information can be found on the Pennsylvania State Capitol Website.