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​​Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion, and Small Business Opportunities

Governor Josh Shapiro has opened an​ application for historically disadvantaged businesses to access $10.5 million in eligible funding. Grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 will be awarded to historically disadvantaged businesses that were in operation on or before March 17, 2020, and were impacted economically by COVID-19. All applications submitted between February 5 and February 23, 2024, will be considered for funding.

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The Shapiro-Davis Administration is committed to creating economic opportunity for all – and we know we cannot truly give everyone the opportunity to succeed without supporting our small, small diverse, and veteran businesses. 
During their campaign, Governor Shapiro and Lieutenant Governor Davis spoke about empowering small businesses, small diverse, and veteran businesses to expand economic opportunities and help build generational wealth. To realize that vision, we must ensure small, small diverse, and veteran-owned businesses can interact with state government and work with us to solve Pennsylvania’s greatest challenges. 
Pennsylvania hasn’t always done enough to support our small, small diverse, and veteran businesses — and as we make that information available to the public, we do so with a commitment from the Shapiro-Davis Administration to ensure every business has a chance to succeed in Pennsylvania. 
Below, you’ll find resources to grow your business, certify your business to work with the Commonwealth, and our Administration’s priorities to grow our share of engagement with small diverse businesses. 

Am I a Small Business, Small Diverse Business, or Veteran Business Enterprise?  

We’re committed to implementing programs that increase contracting opportunities for small and small diverse businesses across Pennsylvania.  
You're qualified to access these opportunities if you are:  
  • 100 or less full-time employees who bring in less than an average of $47 million over three years, known as a Small Business. 
  • Third-party-certified as being owned by women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and service-disabled veterans, as well as meeting the qualifications for a Small Business above, known as a Small Diverse Business.
  • Certified veteran and service-disabled veteran owned businesses that also meet the qualifications for a Small Business, known as a Veteran Business Enterprise. 
Whether you're taking the first step towards partnering with the Commonwealth or you’re ready to get to work on a contracting opportunity, we’re here to help you reach your goal!  

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What We Offer 

Through the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion, and Small Business Opportunity, you can: 

  • Receive the information and assistance you need to navigate the commonwealth’s procurement process. 
  • Receive information for prime- and sub-contracting opportunities. 
  • Certify your business as a small, diverse or veteran-owned business. 
  • Receive information for opportunities available through the Small Business Reserve Program that designates specific contracts exclusively for small businesses. 

Contact us: 

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