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Small Veteran Businesses

The Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion & Small Business Opportunities (BDISBO) verifies self-certified Small Businesses that wish to participate as Veteran Business Enterprise (VBEs) and Service Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (SDVBEs) through the Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) program. Eligible Small Business must hold certifications as veteran-owned businesses or service-disabled veteran owned businesses with one of the Department’s approved third-party certification entities as shown below.

Follow the step-by-step process to complete self-certification as a small business and apply for verification as a small diverse business. Have prepared your proof of valid certification from an accepted third-party before beginning the process. See the application guide for more detailed instructions.

Accepted Third-Party Certifications For Veteran Business Enterprise Verification 

The Department of General Services accepts approved third-party certifications from any of the following entities:

Once BDISBO has received and verified all information, the applicant business will be included in the online database located at as a Small Business and, if applicable, Veteran Business Enterprise.

Program Guidelines