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Finding Small, Small Diverse, and Veteran Businesses

A list of Small Businesses, Small Diverse Businesses, and Veteran Business Enterprises (SB, SDB, and VBE) can be found in the online, searchable database at Use the Quick Search to search by supplier name or number. Use the Advanced Search to further search by UNSPSC code, county, SB/SDB type, and stocking/non-stocking supplier.

Not all suppliers found in the Supplier Search will be Small or Small Diverse Businesses (SBs or SDBs). This is a combined database. The Supplier Search will search suppliers registered with the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion & Small Business Opportunities (BDISBO) as SB, SDB, or VBE; suppliers who are qualified for one or more Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) Contracts; AND suppliers registered in Jaggaer. Please be aware that not all qualified ITQ suppliers or Jaggaer suppliers are SB or SDB. Suppliers who are SB and SDB will be so marked, or use the Advanced Search > Supplier Classifications to limit your search to SBs/SDBs. QUICK TIP: All SDBs and VBEs are also SBs (although not all SBs are SDBs or VBEs). To pull a list of all Small Businesses, Small Diverse Businesses, AND Veteran Business Enterprises, select "Small Business" in Supplier Classifications.

See the Searching for SBs & SDBs Guide for additional information on using the Supplier Search. Please contact BDISBO for questions at or call (717) 783-3119.