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Fixed Price Vehicle Sales

Pennsylvania government and tax-supported entities; including fire departments, police departments, school districts, and emergency management services; may request and acquire federally-owned vehicles through the Fixed Price Vehicles Sales Program. Payment is required prior to obtaining the vehicle and may be made by organization check only.

If you are interested in acquiring a GSA fleet vehicle for your organization, please call us at 1-800-235-1555.

Looking for a specific vehicle? Submit a WANTS LIST REQUEST

Or, consider COSTARS for your new vehicle purchase.

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Program Advantages
  • GSA Fleet vehicles are cars, trucks and other vehicles with low mileage and only one previous owner—the Federal Government.
  • The GSA fleet maintains most of its vehicles through leasing arrangements.  At the conclusion of its lease, which typically last 3-5 years, GSA fleet will sell the vehicle in order to finance another automotive purchase.
  • The GSA fleet warrants that the property described will conform to its description.  The known deficiencies are listed, and the manufacturer’s warranties are transferable when applicable. The purchaser should contact their vehicle’s manufacturer to determine whether or not the warranty remains enforceable.
  • The vehicles have been well maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • The vast majority of the GSA fleet vehicles are standard mid-range consumer models, using standard fuel, without modifications.
  • Some specialized vehicles are also available such as fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, tractors, and wreckers.
  • Multiple vehicles may be acquired at one time.

Vehicles Currently Available