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Construction Program Resources

DGS, acting through its Capital Programs bureaus, administers the statutorily required or authorized programs outlined below.  In doing so, and if applicable, Capital Programs provides program guidelines, required documentation, and other resource material for use by local governments and school districts, as below. 

Public Works Employment Verification Act

The Public Works Employment Verification Act requires contractors and subcontractors under contract for a public work to verify the employment eligibility of any employees hired on or after January 1, 2013. This applies to all projects with total costs greater than $25,000.

Steel Products Procurement Act

DGS is statutorily required to complete an annual review process to determine Steel Products Procurement Act Exemptions

Guaranteed Energy Savings Programs

Under the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act, DGS has developed Energy Savings Programs, which allow for energy efficient upgrades to be financed through the savings they generate. DGS makes resources from these programs available to local government entities and school districts.