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Construction contractors interested in performing construction contracts with the department must first complete the Vendor Registration process. Upon successful completion of the process, contractors are encouraged to view bidding opportunities posted by the department on eMarketplace.

Bidding Opportunities

  • Click here for construction projects currently out to bid.
  • Click here for Request for Proposal projects currently out for proposals.
Due to technical limitations, public bid openings must be viewed using a Windows PC. At this time, mobile devices are not supported. Interested parties may also watch the live bid opening in the Public Works Plaza, 1st Floor, 1800 Herr Street, Harrisburg, PA 17103.  Each contract point will stay viewable for no less than 2 minutes. 

To view the live bid opening please select the link below:
Please utilize the below "Join Skype Meeting" link, which is also spelled out right beneath:

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DGS 404-63 Phase 1 - Clarion University
DGS 377-4 Phase 1 - SCI Forest
DGS 970-26 Phase 1 - Southeastern Veterans Center
DGS A199-87 RFP - Meadow Grounds Lake Dam
DGS 980-9 Phase 1 - Railroad Museum of PA
DGS 251-94 DBC Phase 1 - District 6-0 County Office
DGS 1101-50 Phase 1 - Lincoln University
DGS 971-10 Ph.1 Revised Rebid (.1 only) - Pennsbury Manor


Current Project Bidding Potential Bidders List

Every Monday the potential bidders list is updated to reflect the most current projects out to bid and potential bidders
Bid Results

Awarded Bids

  • September 18, 2019, DGS 375-6.1 P1 Rebid - SCI Coal Township, Mid-State Roofing and Coating, Inc., $3,263,000.00, BB#3
  • September 18, 2019, DGS 375-6.4 P1 Rebid - SCI Coal Township, Mid-State Roofing and Coating, Inc., $395,000.00, BB#3
  • October 15, 2019, DGS 575-5.4 P1 Revised Rebid - SCI Pine Grove, Bob Biter Electrical Enterprises, Inc., $1,342,000.00, BB#3

Bidding Documents

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