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​COSTARS Sales Reporting

COSTARS-authorized suppliers are required to report their COSTARS member sales on a monthly basis.  


When submitting "# of Sales Transactions" in your sales journal, it is important to understand that this figure is not units sold.  The sales transactions represent the number of purchase orders fulfilled

For example, a sale to a member for $21,383 for 26 units would be ONE transaction. If they needed an additional 50 units later in the same quarter, and didn't include them in the first order, that would be considered another (or a separate) transaction because each transaction was placed on a different purchase order.  When reporting these sales, you would list these as TWO individual records on your sales report and indicate ONE transaction on both records.

Once in the PA Supplier Portal, click on the Bidder tab at the top left of the page, then select Enterprise Applications on the left navigation panel.  Select COSTARS.  Then select Sales Reporting in the left navigation panel to access the sales reporting feature.  For more sales reporting instruction, visit the Report COSTARS Sales online training.