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What is COSTARS?

COSTARS is the Cooperative Purchasing Program, a service established by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) for use by Local Public Procurement Units within the Commonwealth. COSTARS is the conduit to connect suppliers with more than 9,000 COSTARS members currently taking advantage of existing Commonwealth contracts. These COSTARS members spend over $1 billion per year using the COSTARS program. 

Our Mission:

The COSTARS Program's goal is to provide members with contracts that are competitively priced while delivering increased opportunities for our supplier and member partners. 

Becoming a COSTARS supplier provides businesses with a multitude of benefits:


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Become a COSTARS Supplier

  • Defines the process of becoming a COSTARS supplier.
  • Access documents such as the Supplier Brochure, Supplier Guide, and the Guide to COSTARS Contracts.
  • Locate COSTARS Bidding Opportunities.
  • Access online trainings.
COSTARS Supplier Portal

Direct link to Supplier Portal where suppliers can:

  • Report sales
  • Pay annual administrative fees
  • Edit supplier COSTARS profile
  • Access COSTARS member contact list
  • Review contract terms and conditions.

COSTARS Supplier Responsibilities

  • Defines the responsibilities of COSTARS suppliers.
  • Access tools for quarterly sales reporting, marketing, contract renewals and annual administrative fee payments.

COSTARS Supplier Toolbox

  • A quick link to all supplier documents, links, F.A.Q.’s and supplier training modules.
  • These items will be duplicated throughout the COSTARS supplier pages, but are also compiled here, in one toolbox, for convenient reference in the future.