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GreenGov Webinar Series

​Hidden Burdens: Using Mapping to Advance PA’s Environmental Justice 

May 14 1:00-1:45 PM 

Peter Buck, Nyla Holland, and Nebraska Hernandez will review their new mapping tool that allows researchers and governments to examine by census tract environmental and health factors in Pennsylvania connected to questions of environmental justice. They will show how the tool can be used to drive future policy conversations to address disproportionate environmental burdens endured by communities of color and low-income communities.

Solar Electricity and REC Procurement for State and Local Governments Devin Pennebaker and Greg Knerr will discuss the Commonwealth strategies for meeting the Governor’s executive order goal to procure renewable energy to offset 40% of the Commonwealth’s electricity use. Learn how the state is meeting this goal and about the various renewable energy vehicles available for higher education and local government to utilize.

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