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PA Climate Network

 The GreenGov Council is launching the Pennsylvania Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience Network ("the PA Climate Network") to promote climate problem solving and human-centered solutions for Pennsylvania. The PA Climate Network aims to support climate education, peer-to-peer networking, information sharing, partnerships, and collaboration throughout Pennsylvania.

As a collaborative initiative, the PA Climate Network and its long-term vision are still being developed in consultation with an Advisory Board comprised of State and local government officials, university representatives, and other organizational partners. More information will be available soon as the strategic vision of the Network is finalized with these stakeholders in Spring 2023.


Check Back Soon: PA Climate Network Training Program

One key component of the PA Climate Network is our updated climate training program, which will provide foundational knowledge about climate science, climate impacts and climate resilience opportunities in Pennsylvania, and actions, strategies, and resources various actors can use to take climate action. The new online training program will launch on this website sometime in mid-summer 2023, so check back soon for future training related updates.


For more information or if you would like to participate in the PA Climate Network, please e-mail us at