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The Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) offers a variety of opportunities for vendors, suppliers, and contractors of all types and sizes to do business with the Commonwealth. Our online applications and knowledgeable staff are available to assist you with buying from, or selling to, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. From the procurement of materials and services to construction & design services or real estate and leasing opportunities, we are here to help. 

DGS also has several programs applicable to local governments, non-profit organizations and schools. These programs: 

Additionally, as the state agency responsible for the operation of the Commonwealth’s government, DGS offers a variety of services to state agencies and employees including the procurement of goods and servicesconstruction of non-highway capital projects, and management of the vehicle fleet, the Capitol Police force, video,  photo, and marketing servicesprint and design services, and the maintenance of state buildings. We also serve as the state’s real estate agent and insurance broker.

At DGS, our mission is to help government operate more efficiently, effectively, and safely – delivering exceptional value for all Pennsylvanians.