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COSTARS Webinar Recordings - Member Topics

Throughout the year, the COSTARS team creates webinars on various topics for our members and other organizations eligible for membership.  Below are the recordings from this year's schedule.  Click on the video tile to watch.


COSTARS for Newbies - Organizations interested in the program should not miss this.  Viewers will learn about the benefits of becoming a member and see a detailed demo on how to search COSTARS-Exclusive and Statewide COSTARS-participating contracts.

Statewide Contracts - Missing Pieces - Many COSTARS members actively use COSTARS-exclusive contracts to purchase competitively priced products and services.

If you do not also utilize the statewide, COSTARS-participating contracts in your procurement strategy, this is a must-see session!  Members have access to many statewide contracts that provide them with more procurement options and maximize their negotiating power.  We'll explore these missing pieces to complete your procurement puzzle.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 114140.png

Level Up:  Become a COSTARS Superstar!Many organizations have been a COSTARS member for years but still aren't aware of all facets of the program to make their procurement process efficient and effective.

When in need of a product or service, can you locate a COSTARS contract with speed and confidence? Do you know how the information in your member profile affects your awareness of program updates? Do you participate in the statewide Sodium Chloride (Bulk Road Salt) program but aren't sure of deadlines and requirements of participation? Do you know how to gain the best value during the quoting process - which may not be the lowest priced quote?  

Attendees of this webinar will gain the answers to these questions and learn the best practices in utilizing the COSTARS program! Join us to find out how to become a COSTARS Superstar!

Energize Your Budget with COSTARS and PSFEI - In this recording, viewers will learn how to experience certainty in their energy budgets as PSFEI's Electricity Procurement Services Program safeguards participants from price fluctuations.

Procurated:  Capitalizing on the Experiences of Your Procurement Community - Viewers will learn how to utilize Procurated, a comprehensive vendor performance management tool, and find out why Procurated is a valuable resource for them to include in their procurement strategy.

COSTARS:  Technology Roadmap - Viewers will learn about technology that will help them serve their communities more efficiently and effectively.

Going Green:  COSTARS Contracts that Save Your Green - In this session, viewers will explore contracts to support green initiatives while being budget-friendly.

COSTARS:  Communications Solutions - This session explores key communication strategies and contracts available to COSTARS members to help improve how the viewer's message is conveyed and received.