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File an insurance claim against the Commonwealth

Bodily injury or property damages to Third-Parties 

Whenever a Commonwealth employee or Commonwealth-owned vehicle is involved in an accident in which a third-party or their property is damaged, or the damage occurs on Commonwealth-owned property, FARM (Bureau of Finance and Risk Management) is responsible for adjudicating the claim as circumstances surrounding the event warrants.  When an accident occurs, all parties should clearly document:

  • What happened
  • Where the incident occurred
  • When the incident occurred (time & date)
  • The extent of the damage to your property
  • If a Commonwealth vehicle was involved, provide the name of the driver, license plate number of the vehicle and vehicle unit number

The incident should be immediately reported to the Commonwealth agency that allegedly caused the damage and the third-party should indicate that they wish to file a claim for damages. That agency will complete an Incident/Accident Report and submit it to FARM. FARM will set up a claim, investigate the incident and contact the third-party regarding the determination of the claim.


Common Examples of Third-Party Property Damage

 Highway Line Paint or Tar on Car
Call or visit the County PennDOT Office in the county that the incident occurred.


Pothole Damage to Car
You have the right to file a claim for damages to your vehicle as the result of hitting a pothole, by calling or visiting the County PennDOT Office in the county where the incident occurred to report it and indicate that you wish to file a claim for damages.

Please be aware that FARM is required to investigate and adjudicate claims against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in accordance with PA C.S.A. Title 42 § 8522. Exception to Sovereign Immunity (b)5. Potholes and other dangerous conditions, which specifically prohibits the payment of a property damage claims caused by potholes, sinkholes, and/or conditions created by the natural elements. FARM is bound by the provisions of Act 152 and is required to deny the claim.


Snowplow Operations Damaged Mailbox
Call or visit the County PennDOT Office in the county that the incident occurred.


Commonwealth-Owned Vehicle Hit and Damaged Car
Exchange insurance and contact information with the Commonwealth driver. The Commonwealth driver will report the incident to his agency to complete the necessary paperwork. If not contacted within two weeks, contact the driver’s agency.


Tree Damage to Camper at State Park
Report the incident to the park office.


Line of Duty Death Benefits 

FARM administers two programs that provide benefits to eligible surviving family members of emergency responders and law enforcement in the event of death in the line of duty, Emergency Responder and Law Enforcement Death Benefit (Act 101) and Killed-in-Service Benefit (Act 51). Surviving family members of National Guard members may also be eligible for Act 51 benefits.