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​East Wing Renovations

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The Pennsylvania Department of General Services is excited to announce the upcoming East Wing Renovation Project.

This project calls for the installation of a new 20-passenger elevator and the removal and replacement of the escalators with a staircase. These improvements will lead to improved accessibility from the East Wing to the Main Capitol and enhance the flow of foot traffic from the East Wing to the Main Capitol. In addition, the staircases provide a safer, more reliable route for evacuation in the event of an emergency. 

Construction is projected to begin in the Summer of 2024 and be completed in the Summer of 2025.

The estimated timeline for the project is as follows: ​

  • Demolition of the existing spiral staircase: July - August 2024   
  • Construction of the elevator shaft: August - October 2024​   
  • Installation of the elevator: October 2024 - February 2025   
  • Demolition of the existing escalators: March – May 2025   
  • Installation of the grand staircase: May – August 2025   ​

The project will be implemented in two phases: 

  • Elevator Installation – This phase of the project will replace the spiral staircase to create the space for a 20-passenger elevator that will service the First Floor and Concourse levels of the East Wing Rotunda only. This will increase the elevator capacity from the existing 12 passengers to 32 passengers per trip. Maintenance contract costs for the elevator will be approximately one-third of the current maintenance contracts for the escalators. 
  • Escalator Replacement – The two aging escalators will be replaced with a monumental staircase that will connect the First Floor and Concourse levels of the East Wing. The staircase will provide an uninterrupted flow of foot traffic and remove the unpredictability of the current escalator setup. The staircase will have a gradual rise featuring a landing at the halfway point and be separated by a handrail with handrails on each side. The stairs eliminate the current need for the maintenance contract that the escalators currently carry.