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CPD stands for Courage. Professionalism. Dedication.

What do YOU stand for?

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What We Do

  • Policing the Pennsylvania Capitol Complex and state-owned facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of members and staff of the PA General Assembly, visitors and state employees from threats of crime, disruption and terrorism; preserving law and order; serving as a deterrent to violations of laws, rules, and regulations; 
  • Enforcing Commonwealth and local laws and regulations;  
  • Performing protective services, securing state-owned buildings and property, and protecting government personnel, property and equipment; 
  • Keeping the peace during rallies, demonstrations, and other protests that may occur on Commonwealth property;
  • Performing preliminary and follow up investigations of crimes and accidents, and processing crime scenes;  
  • Preparing investigative reports and testifying in court; and
  • Providing public safety trainings such as: Active Shooter, Crime Prevention and Personal Safety and First-Aid/CPR.

Specialty Divisions

K-9 Unit – Through the use of expertly trained handlers and dogs, The K-9 Unit teams are responsible for detecting explosive devices, weapons and illegal substances.

Bike Patrol – The Bike Patrol complements and enhances the patrol function of the Capitol Police in specific areas within Capitol Police jurisdiction on bicycles.

Ceremonial Unit – The Ceremonial Unit provides official Capitol Police representation at significant occasions such as parades, funerals, memorials and other state events.

Special Response Team (SRT) – The SRT consists of specially trained and equipped police officers who specialize in the tactical resolution of high-risk incidents in the most effective and efficient manner to preserve the lives of the persons directly or indirectly involved.

Field Force Unit – The Field Force Unit consists of specially trained and equipped officers whose expertise is in large-event management and handling situations of civil disturbance.

How to Be A Part of CPD

Applicant must:

  • Possess a valid Pennsylvania operator's license;
  • Be a resident of Pennsylvania;
  • Be at least 20 years of age when applying for the position and at least 21 years of age upon appointment;
  • Successfully complete polygraph and background investigations.

NOTE: Applicants who have successfully completed a MPOETC Certified Basic Police Academy but do not currently possess the MPOETC certification, must be able to successfully pass the MPOETC certification exam prior to being considered for the position.

CPD Benefits & Salary Info

Competitive Benefits Package
  • Medical
  • Eye
  • Dental 
  • Prescription 
Salary (effective 10/1/22 ) 
  • $48,843 – first year
  • $54,935 – second year 
  • $61,048 – third year 
  • Shift Differential - Officers working 1st or 3rd Platoon receive additional hourly compensation
  • Annual 
  • Sick
  • Holiday (11 per year)
  • Compensatory 
  • Military
Additional Info

  • Promotional Opportunities – Additional ranks include corporal, sergeant, and lieutenant. Promotion to other ranks is made through a competitive promotional process. 
  • Overtime – Officers have the opportunity to work a variety of special events throughout the year and earn additional income. 
  • Equipment – Uniforms, duty gear, and uniform dry cleaning are provided by the department.
  • Shift Hours – Permanent shift with permanent relief days (1st, 2nd, 3rd Platoon) ( Enhanced Security Unit ) 
  • Pension – 25 / 55; Deferred Compensation Plan available