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Commonwealth Media Services (CMS) is looking for freelancers to support its award-winning broadcast and multi-media production operations that serve Pennsylvania state government agencies.

Positions needed include audio and video editors and engineers, digital and video photographers, multi-media graphic designers, producers, writers, talent providers, hair stylists and makeup artists.  

Freelancers must qualify under the Freelance Services Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) Contract 4400016417.   Instructions and information about qualifying is available through the Supplier Services Center.  You’ll find the Freelance Services Statement of Work, links to the ITQ website and other important information.

All potential suppliers must register for a vendor number through the Pa. Supplier Portal.  

For questions about CMS, contact Suzanne Rigby, Director, at   For questions about the contract or registration process, contact Sonya Schurtz, Commodity Specialist, at or call 717-783-0761.