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Agency Warehousing & Distribution

The Warehouse and Distribution division operates three warehouses consisting of 137,000 square feet of space in the Harrisburg area. These facilities include bulk material storage, secured access, excess property, records storage and retrieval, short term/temporary storage and forms/publications storage and retrieval. Use of the space is made available to all Commonwealth agencies under short or long term agreements.

We offer Commonwealth agencies a variety of distribution services: receiving, quality inspection, inventory control and pick/pack operations for all products. For material stored in our warehouses, we offer free local delivery service as well as UPS and  other transportation options. We even offer a Truck Loaner program.

In addition to our core services, the division can provide fee-based transportation services within a 90-mile radius of Harrisburg.

We specialize in flexibility. Whatever your requirements, we will work to suit your storage and distribution needs.



2221 Forster St.,
Harrisburg, PA 17125
Fax: (717) 787-0934
Manager: (717) 772-2300
Excess Warehouse: (717) 525-5812
Property Storeroom: (717) 525-5813
Dock GPS Address for 2221 Forster St. Building
2045 Briggs St.
Harrisburg, PA
905 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Fax: (717) 214-7050
Manager: (717) 214-7054
Manager: (717) 214-7051
Storekeeper: (717) 214-7053
Warehouse: (717) 214-7058

Delivery Appointment Information:

The Warehouse and Distribution Division requires the following information via fax or telephone call to schedule a receiving appointment:

  • Carrier's name

  • Pallet count and piece count

  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Purchase Order number

  • Appointment requestor's name and telephone number

  • Shipper's Name

  • Trailer number, tracking number and/or other shipment information

  • Delivery appointments are required for all shipments

If all above-required information is not provided, a delivery appointment will not be permitted.


Access to DGS Distribution Center during non-Business Hours:

Agencies may contact the Division Chief at 717-418-9651 to coordinate access to the DGS Distribution Center during non-business hours.

Please Note: This is for emergencies only.




Complete Manual (printable version)                                                                                                                                                              


Records Transfer request form.xls