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Mentor-Protégé Program Application Process

Firms interested in participating in the MPP must submit a MPP Agreement signed by both parties. The MPP Agreement may be submitted electronically to or via U.S. First Class mail to BDISBO-MPP, North Office Building, 401 North Street, Room 601, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0500.

The MPP Agreement must contain:

  1. The name and address of the Mentor and Protégé point of contact, who will oversee the MPP Agreement and respond to all inquiries associated with the Agreement;
  2. A description of the developmental assistance that the Mentor will provide to the Protégé; and
  3. A schedule containing milestones which correspond to the elements identified as the developmental assistance the Mentor will provide within the identified program participation term.

Terms and Obligations

The Mentor and Protégé must both agree to the following terms:

  1. A Mentor and Protégé must each individually submit to BDISBO’s MPP Program Manager the following reports: a semi-annual report, and a post-assessment report due at the conclusion of the MPP Agreement term. All reports must detail the Mentor’s efforts to develop or enhance the Protégé’s capabilities, outline the assistance provided, identify the goals achieved since the inception of the MPP Agreement, and describe the impact on the Protégé’s ability to be awarded contracts and subcontracts by Commonwealth agencies;
  2. A Mentor or Protégé may voluntarily withdraw from the MPP relationship after providing a written request to BDISBO 60 days prior to the proposed termination and must be reviewed and approved by BDISBO; and
  3. Withdrawing from the MPP will have no impact on any existing Commonwealth contractual requirements of the Mentor or Protégé.

The MPP Agreement term will be for up to 2-years with renewal options as agreed to by both parties.

Contact BDISBO at 717-783-3119 or for more information.


What are the eligibility requirements?