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DGS Employee Resource Groups

The purpose of the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) is to bring value to our organization and employees in a variety of ways. They build a sense of community and belonging for staff by connecting people in a social and professional setting, and to encourage interaction among employees. ERGs are created to empower employees by giving each group a collective voice to speak out for marginalized groups who are underrepresented and underutilized as a protected class of individuals. These groups will provide a resource for upper management and leadership as it relates to staff, community issues, initiatives, needs, and policies. These groups will align themselves with the mission and priorities of DGS and the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities (BDISBO): Equity Management Program (EMP).  

As we establish a strong Employee Resource Program, our goal is to strive as an organization to work towards an inclusive and equitable workplace, in addition to effective leadership for its an important part of a successful ERG program.  

The Department of General Services' (DGS) Executive Team, in collaboration with the EMP Officer and Coordinator, will support and provide guidance, mentoring, visibility and networking to support the ERGs in their success. Even though the ERGs are used to be resourceful, they will also be used for the following:  

  • Assist in recruiting a diverse workforce 
  • Increase community partnerships 
  • Voice cultural concerns 
  • Encourage interaction and relationship building within all cultural groups 
  • Social and networking opportunities 
  • Enhance cultural awareness and competencies 
  • Act as an advocate for an inclusive workforce 
  • Play a vital role in DGS's retention and professional development 
  • Offer expertise and experiences on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) 
  • Inform upper management and leadership on opportunities on how to be more visible within the communities. 
DGS GenYers
The DGS GenYers will seek to engage millennial and non-millennial employees to build connections with peers and leaders while creating a positive impact within DGS and in the community. This group will provide feedback and insights on programs and champion a workforce that engages and values its employees.  

​Women in Government
​The Women of Government will provide support and a safe space for women to address workplace and career-related concerns and strategies. This group will offer an opportunity for networking, mentorship, and the ability to build a sense of community where women can share ideas as a collective voice.
​Leaders in Motion
​DGS’s goal is to be able to attract, develop, and retain current and future leaders of DGS. In doing so, the Leaders in Motion will help to create innovative and practical learning opportunities and resources that foster professional development in helping aspiring employees reach their fullest potential in career advancement.
BIPOC Professionals
(Black Indigenous People of Color)

​BIPOC Professionals will be committed to empowering our BIPOC staff by creating a safe space to discuss cultural concerns, advocacy/outreach, recruitment, career development, and relevant resources for our BIPOC employees, allies, and advocates within DGS. 
For staff who are interested in joining DGS' ERGs, please email the ERG Resource Account: or if you have questions or feedback, please contact the Equity Management Program at 717-787-1386.