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911 - Get Into Gear Webinar​

Please join the COSTARS team for this webinar designed to help you reduce your emergency responder vehicle, gear and supply costs!

Tuesday, July 21,  10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Our emergency responders are the primary line of defense in a multitude of circumstances.  In many cases, these professionals perform life-sustaining work at great risk to their personal safety.

In the number of emergency situations these emergency workers respond to, their priorities are urgency and ensuring public and personal safety. It is important that our emergency responders are fully-loaded with the vehicles, gear, and supplies they require to perform their duties safely and quickly.

Join the COSTARS team as we explore the COSTARS contracts with the essential products emergency responders require to provide the vital services they provide.  Attendees will also learn about COSTARS member benefits and will take a guided tour of COSTARS and Statewide contract searches to allow you to effortlessly find the suppliers to serve all of your procurement needs.