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Law Enforcement 1122 New Property

Through the 1122 New Property Program, eligible entities are able to take advantage of the discounted pricing that the federal government receives because of their purchasing power.  Federal contracts can be used as a tool of comparison, with the prices serving as a benchmark for comparison with independent bids or negotiating.  Federal contracts can save you time and money since they have already been through the bid process. 


Eligible “units of local or state government” are “any city, county, township, town, borough, parish, village or other general purpose political subdivision of states, and Indian tribes, which perform law enforcement or emergency response functions. These groups can purchase new equipment suitable for counter-drug, emergency response and homeland security activities.  Fire departments, EMS and other first responders are eligible to participate, as well as infrastructures that support them.

First responders plus emergency management, public health, clinical care, public works, and other skilled support personnel (such as equipment operators) that provide immediate support services during prevention, response, and recovery operations. The emergency responder community consists not just of fire, law enforcement, and the medical immediate responders to an accident or emergency situation, but also to the infrastructure that supports them and other emergency response organizations.

Property may also be obtained for disaster recovery or preparation.  Property can only be obtained through the State Point of Contact at 717.787.6179.



Items are available through the Army, DLA, and GSA resources as provided below:

Please contact our Surplus Property Agent for more detailed listings of what is available and conditions of requests. 717.787.6197
Representative items available through federal contract include:
  • Vehicles
  • Installation, maintenance, repair service and repair parts/spare parts for IT equipment
  • Law enforcement and security equipment test administration
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Radio and telecommunications equipment and cables
  • Generators and batteries 
  • Instructor-led training
  • Park and outdoor recreation equipment
  • Software 
  • Professional communications equipment
  • Training courses for IT equipment
  • Photographic equipment
  • Office products and services
  • Video supplies and services
  • New technology products
  • Training aids and devices
  • Course development
  • Marine craft and equipment
  • General purpose commercial IT equipment software and services including computer and computer-related equipment


The service charge is 4 percent of the purchase price or $500, whichever is less, for purchases with a value up to $50,000; $750 for purchases valued above $50,000 but less than $100,000; and $1,000 for purchases valued at $100,000 or greater.  


To submit a list of items your organization needs, please fill out the Request Form.

Or, Consider COSTARS for your new equipment and supplies. Visit