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Energy & Resource management

The Energy & Resource Management Office's mission is to manage and promote efficient 
energy use throughout the Commonwealth of PA.  

Energy Savings Programs

The Energy & Resource Management Office uses the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) as a vehicle to decrease growing utility costs. This is accomplished through a progressive contracting process that enables mass upgrades of building components such as lighting, HVAC, water, etc. to be replaced through a budget neutral process. These upgrades significantly reduce energy usage which result in decreased utility spending. The Energy and Resource Management Office is responsible for facilitating this process for Commonwealth Agencies. 


​Projects In Planning Phase Projects​ In Construction Phase Completed Projects
SM GESA 3 - Selinsgrove
​PSP Headquarters ​SCI Dallas
SM GESA 4 - DCNR West SM GESA 2 - Thaddeus Stevens ​SM GESA 1 - Keystone
GESA 2017-1 Capitol Complex
GESA 2017-2 SCI Muncy
GESA 2018-1 SCI Houtzdale


The Commonwealth has issued an Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) (Solicitation 4400016426 Guaranteed Energy Savings Program) to qualify responsible and responsive contractors to provide services necessary to facilitate, manage, and complete projects executed 
under the Commonwealth’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA).  These GESA projects involve the design and implementation of energy-related improvements, referred to as Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), at no up-front cost to the Commonwealth.  Additionally, we are seeking to qualify responsible and responsive contractors to provide consulting services in which an energy consultant will manage and oversee all phases of a GESA project.

 The ITQ is available through the PA Supplier Portal and is strictly an electronic submittal. The ITQ is an open enrollment thus there is no set time for your proposal submission. Please refer to the "How to Submit a Proposal” document to assist you with navigating the website. If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding the ITQ, please contact Department of General Services, Bureau of Procurement, at 717-346-2679.

program documents 

Current List of Approved ITQ Vendors (Updated 2/23/18) (PDF)
Presentation to ESCOs 04/12/17 (PDF)
Press Release re: ITQ 1/26/17 (PDF)  
Sample GESA Contract (PDF)



$209,000 ​$489,993
​DCNR ​$30,549 ​$9,167
​Corrections ​$2,347,231 ​$76,395
Fish & Boat​ ​$10,572 ​$    -
General Services​ ​$206,790 ​$134,692 ​$2,927
Human Services​ ​$232,173 ​​$    -
House of Representatives $7,390 $4,678 $60​
DMVA​ ​$24,768 ​$13,297
​Museum ​$3,379 ​​$    -
​Senate ​$1,781 ​$    -
​Labor & Industry ​$42,491 ​$    -
​Game Commission $785​ ​$    -
​PA State Police ​$19,976 ​$13,872
Totals ​$3,136,885 ​$742,094 ​$2,987
*Information provided by Agency

DGS Annual Energy Usage (Click imageS to enlarge)

DGS Annual Energy & Utility Usage Report FY 2015-2016