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Design professionals interested in performing design contracts with the department must first complete the Vendor Registration process.  Upon successful completion of the process, design firms are encouraged to apply for design opportunities posted by the department.  
Selection of design professionals is governed by Section 905 of the Procurement Code


Design SELECTIONS Process Resources


Capital Plan 2016-17 selections Final

Capital Plan 2016-17 Final



The next Professional Selections Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.  This meeting is for projects with a cutoff date of Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.
Interested parties may watch the live selections process by using the link provided below.  Due to technical limitations, public selections must be viewed using a Windows PC.  At this time, mobile devices are not supported.  The public is also invited to watch the selections process in person at the Public Works Arsenal Building, 1800 Herr Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 
PIN: 435578
Bridge Number: 17176124788
Toll-free: 18557344390

Currently Advertised Projects

The below projects are on eMarketplace and have a Project Submission cutoff date of Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  A brief description of these projects, along with important requirements and information related to Professional Selections can be found by clicking here.  By clicking on the links below you will be directed to the eMarketplace advertisement for that project. 

PROJECT NO. DGS 199-90 PHASE 1 & 199-91 PHASE 1 - Design, Construct & Rehabilitate Dams at White Oak and Miller Ponds, PA Fish & Boat Commission, Wayne County, PA.
PROJECT NO. DGS 251-93 PHASE 1 - New Stockpile Facility, PA Department of Transportation, Delaware County, PA. Construction
PROJECT NO. DGS 378-1 PHASE 1 - Replace Door Control Systems at SCI Laurel Highlands, Somerset, and Frackville, PA Department of Corrections, Somerset & Schuylkill Counties, PA.
PROJECT NO. DGS 410-59 PHASE 1 - Interior Classroom Renovations and Demolition, Mansfield University, Mansfield Borough, Tioga County, PA.
PROJECT NO. DGS 552-39 PHASE 1 - Upgrade Fire Suppression System, PA Department of Human Services, Polk Center, Polk, Venango County, PA.
PROJECT NO. DGS 970-26 PHASE 1 - Provide for Renovation and General Repairs at South East Veterans Center, PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Spring City, Chester County, PA.
PROJECT NO. DGS 1103-65 PHASE 4 - Renovate Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA.
Please note that applications for these projects will only be accepted electronically through the e-Builder Bidding Portal
 Note: Every Monday the potential applicants list is updated to reflect the most current projects out to bid.

Selections Committee Scoring Summary Sheets

Recommended Firms


Professional Appointment Letters From March 30, 2017 Selections Committee Meeting


Professional Appointment Letters From November 23, 2015 Selections Committee Meeting


Professional Appointment Letters From September 30, 2015 Selections Committee Meeting


Professional Appointment Letters From July 28, 2015 Selections Committee Meeting


Professional Appointment Letters From March 17, 2015 Selections Committee Meeting


Professional Appointment Letters From December 18, 2014 Selections Committee Meeting


Selection Committee Members:

  • Elie-Antonie Atallah, AIA
  • David M. Eisenreich
  • Randy Galiotto, RA, AIA
  • Alan Hoffmann
  • Jerry K. Roller, AIA, LEED AP

Design Documents


Professional Agreement and General Conditions to the Agreement, 2010 Edition

Project Procedure Manual, 2010 Edition

Division 1, General Requirements, 2010 Edition




Click here to access the Request for Allocation form (179D)

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